Uber Acquires Cycle-Sharing Startup JUMP Bikes

Parisian taxi drivers have long had a reputation for being among the world’s rudest

Uber is expanding out its business to include bide-sharing with its recent acquisition of JUMP Bikes.

Uber is to launch into the electric bikes industry through its acquisition of Jump Bikes, a dockless bike-sharing service that the company has been piloting in the US. The company announced that it's purchasing Jump, the bike-sharing platform that features "electric, dock-less" bikes. But Monday's announcement paves the way for expansion of the Uber Bike program into other markets. Most bike share programs in the United States have begun with the bikes needing to be docked, as USA municipalities fear the pitfalls of dockless bike share programs in Asia. Dockless bike-share companies are expanding across the US, giving riders the freedom to locate GPS-tracked bikes through apps, unlock them and ride them from any location where the last user left them.

Jump is a dockless electric bike service that has rolled out in San Francisco, where it has 250 bikes, and Washington. For a 30-minute ride, JUMP bikes cost about $2.

JUMP is now officially part of Uber. Together with Uber, I firmly believe we can make a more significant impact on the world and shift millions of trips from cars to bikes. "Achieving that goal ultimately means improving urban life by reducing congestion, pollution, and the need for parking spaces". This will allow the company to expand beyond cars, being able to offer customers other possible forms of transportation, and will also enable Uber to make moves within the bike-sharing market. "The JUMP brand will also continue and we hope it will represent the best in bike share technology and responsible operations". After that, it'll be only a matter of time before we hear of Uber bringing JUMP bikes to new cities around the world, so we'll keep an eye out for those announcements.

The ECJ said that since Uber was offering a transport service under European Union law the obligation to notify the Commission in advance did not apply. Despite the environmental benefits of using dockless bikes versus cars, many public officials have been skeptical of abandoned dockless bikes littering their cities.

France is entitled to bring criminal proceedings against local managers of ride-hailing app Uber [UBER.UL] for running an illegal taxi service, the European Union top court ruled on Tuesday, dealing the Silicon Valley start-up another legal setback.

With the addition of bicycles, Uber is taking a page from the playbook of competitors such as China's Didi Chuxing.



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