Facebook tightens issue ads, political ads to prevent election interference

Facebook tightens issue ads, political ads to prevent election interference

The company has already required political ads to verify who is paying for them and where the advertiser is located. The issue ads requirement is new.

"We have this egalitarian set of values that underpins the Elections Act and we have a set of tools, like spending limits and disclosure rules, so let's apply those to what's happening online", Pal said.

However, soon after Facebook was found retracting messages sent by Zuck and other executives from recipients' inboxes, it said that this was done to protect Mark and their executives' communications after Sony Pictures' emails were hacked back in 2014.

Cambridge Analytica has been suspended from Facebook, pending further information and Facebook is apparently working to better its security and privacy game by offering new set of tools that will supposedly make things easier for end-users and hard for miscreants looking to exploit their data.

The 48-year-old billionaire's stunning announcement came days after Facebook admitted that the private information of as many as 87 million users was leaked to data firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked on President Trump's 2016 election campaign.

"When we received word that this researcher gave the data to Cambridge Analytica, they assured us it was deleted", she said.

All users who manage large pages, political or not, must also be verified.

Facebook will not allow political ads on its platform until the advertiser's identity is verified and the entity paying for the message is mentioned, the social media giant has announced, in a bid to improve its transparency and accountability around political campaigns.

Until now, the option has not been available to most users - something which Facebook has apologised for. Currently, messenger offers a service that is similar to the unsend feature. Messenger doesn't use the data from the scanned messages for advertising, the company said, but the policy may extend beyond what Messenger users expect. It says examples could include pro-life or pro-choice ads, ads relating to the Second Amendment ads, and ads on issues like public infrastructure.

Sandberg was asked by NBC television's "Today Show" if other cases of user data misuse could be expected.

TechCrunch reports that three separate sources have revealed they had received messages from Zuckerberg that have now mysteriously disappeared from their Facebook inboxes.

The company is under investigation by privacy officials in Ottawa, B.C. and the United Kingdom for its role in influencing the outcome of the U.K.'s Brexit referendum.

The new updates, Facebook said, are created to prevent future abuse in elections.

Facebook will restrict 3rd-party API access, but not their own access to user data.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has special privacy features on the platform - a revelation that suggests the company has been operating a two-tiered privacy system that favors its leadership over its users.



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