Israeli team builds Intel's 'best ever' laptop processor

Israeli team builds Intel's 'best ever' laptop processor

Dell has already announced that it will be offering a version of its flagship XPS 15 laptop running the new six-core eighth-generation Intel Core processors.

Other Intel Coffee Lake mobile CPUs announced are for U-series with Intel Core i7-8559U leading the U-series.

Speaking of hardware, Intel recently unveiled its new line of 6-core Core i9 processors capable of supporting 5GHz speeds.

The high-performance Core i9 processor is part of Intel's eighth generation product lineup, which comes with an integrated software that addresses the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws revealed in January. Keep your eyes on CNET Tuesday, and you'll see some of them announced.

Acer Aspire 7 - $849 (about £600, AU$1,110) Meanwhile, Acer's more business facing Aspire 7 brings the same level of performance to a more professional device plus higher-tier Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti graphics.

The i9-8950HK is even more impressive. Intel is rolling out new Core i9+, Core i7+ and Core i5+ badges for OEMs to promote desktops and laptops that use a Core CPU as well as Optane Memory.

The new Core i9-8950HK processor is the first Core i9 chip for the laptop.

There have been a few reports on the hopes for a new 2018 MacBook Pro from TechRadar and MacWorld UK and so the new Intel processors could be added to the list of possible new upgraded features coming this year. The company has also launched the new six-core Core i7-8850H and Core i7-8750H, the quad-core Core i5-8400H and Core i5-8300H, and the six-core Xeon E-2186M, Xeon E-2176M processors for mainstream and workstation laptops.

HP Omen 17 Featuring the same choices in processors, the HP Omen 17 also sports a larger 17.3-inch screen.

Naturally, not everyone will be able to afford a Core i9 processor.

Intel said the new laptop chips are a respond to increasing demand for fast laptops that can provide desktop-like performance. The TUF FX504 will be available from the end of April in Australia only, for the time being. Hamberger said that if the chip runs at full speed then it will boost the single core by 200MHz to 4.8 GHz.

Anandtech has additional chipset details and a breakdown of the rather confusing way Intel's 8th generation CPUs are split between 14nm+, 14nm++, and an as-yet-unknown 10nm refresh from Cannon Lake. Manufacturers will still need to buy a separate Intel chip if they want to add the all-in-one cable that offers power, data, video and external graphics support all at the same time, which means it'll remain a luxury.



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