Apple Inc. Developing Its Own MicroLED displays for Mobile Devices

Apple Inc. Developing Its Own MicroLED displays for Mobile Devices

San Francisco, In bad news for display market leaders like Samsung and LG, Apple is reportedly designing and producing its own device screens, secretly at a facility near its headquarters in California, according to a media report. Apple believed to have a secret manufacturing facility in California.

It looks like Apple is already preparing to move on from OLED, with reports this week indicating that the company is already working on developing MicroLED screens.

Apple now designs chips for its mobile devices and a move into displays could hurt screen makers like Samsung Electronics Co, Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and LG Display Co in the long term.

Samsung now produces OLED screens for Apple's iPhone X flagship, but was expected to take a hit from subdued demand for the device, which led Apple to cut the number of units it planned to build.

The work on displays hasn't been a smooth journey for Apple though, since they've actually killed a project about a year ago. By the time the new tech is ready for mass production, something else might replace it. Apple could run into a lot of hurdles and might have to abandon or push back the project. In fact, according to this CNBC report, all the major display makers saw their share prices dip after the Bloomberg report regarding Apple making its own display. New information shows that engineers have made a progress with this display technology, but do not be in such a hurry to experience it because it will take a minimum of three years for microLED screens to find themselves on iPhones. The trifecta of smartphone screens, be it OLED or LCD.

If Apple can get microLED technology sorted out before the likes of Samsung and Sony (both of which are actively working on it), its phones would have a distinct advantage.

The new report notes that Apple will likely still have to rely on manufacturing partners (like LG and Samsung) to mass-produce the new screens. Apple has invested a huge amount in this development and plans to be the first company to produce it. "We put a lot of money into the facility", this person says. Executives recently permitted continued development overcoming 2 years, with an aim of installing MicroLED screens in products.

Other tech giants looking at the technology include Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, Apple's main contract manufacturer. For instance, Apple calibrates iPhone screens to ensure color accuracy.



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