Taylor Swift debuts 'Delicate' music video, and fans are here for it

Taylor Swift

However, some observers were quick to point out feelings of déjà vu upon viewing the video for Delicate - with one 2016 clip coming to mind. She's interrupted while taking a selfie with fans and resumes her trek down the hallway of a fancy hotel, wearing an elegant blue dress. The Washington Post speculates that the note might connect to some of the song's lyrics that are about a text.

"Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?"

Earlier in March, the songstress was seen out with her boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn. Realizing any celebrity's dream of turning invisible, Swift runs out into the lobby and literally dances like no one's watching. After jumping on the hotel counter and doing pirouettes, Swift heads to a train station. The carefree dancing and ultimate ending of the song represent Swift's journey towards embracing herself and sharing that with the world. But while Spears' vid ends in a darker way - with of course added significance taken on after the fact due to Spears' later personal struggles - Swift's escape suggests a different path forward.

She celebrates by throwing off her shoes and dancing to her heart's content - including doing the splits in the rain and dancing atop an underground carriage. The note leads her to a bar, and dripping wet, the patrons see her.

Taylor's next UK & Ireland stadium tour kicks off in June, with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX supporting her for the six dates in Manchester, Dublin and London. Swift's videos are just as revelatory and introspective (and worthy of analysis) as her songs. The Joseph Kahn-directed clip, which debuted yesterday, is in keeping with the album's rumination on fame, and closes with Swift returning from her brief vacation in anonymity. I can not wait to see you on tour.



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