Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Camera Review

Samsung Galaxy S9 has already been compared with nearly all its competitors in the market out there.

Now, the folks at iFixit have torn down the bigger of the two phones to bits, exposing the inner workings of Samsung's camera magic. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) will get the same updates much less often, as it was in the list of quarterly updates rather than monthly. Another Galaxy J smartphone has just been spotted at Geekbench and judging by the model number it seems to be an improved version of that one that we mentioned earlier, the Galaxy J8.

The 64GB Galaxy S9 will sell for 27,900 baht.

In the fourth quarter of past year, Samsung sold 74.1 million smartphone units globally. The planning looks quite interesting and they should achieve their goal as people are now switching to premium smartphones rather than sticking to the mid-range devices. Nonetheless, Samsung is already pushing an update to both devices. Released a year ago, the smartphone was previously known as the A5, but the company has changed its name so that users associate it with the flagship models.

Samsung is running a variety of promotional offers in various regions around the world.

In a bend test, the Galaxy S9 didn't cave in and it remained fully functional, something that tells a lot about the phone's build quality. Anyways, only time will tell as Samsung is offering up to KRW 100,000 in cash to Korean customers who return their Galaxy S8. This might help the giant to fulfill their goal of selling 43 Million units of Galaxy S9 phones by the end of this year.



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