New 3-seat McLaren 'Hyper-GT' will be the fastest McLaren ever

McLaren teases BP23 hypercar

Like the F1, the BP23 is meant to be a road auto first and foremost, and as such is referred to by McLaren as a "hyper GT" vehicle.

The initial public showing of the "Hyper-GT" is planned "before the end of 2018" after a private preview for the 106 McLaren customers who have already placed deposits on the vehicle.

Like the F1, the BP23 will place the driver in a front-and-center position ahead of a pair of passenger seats.

And it's a lot closer to ready than we thought; McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt announced at its Palexpo media conference that he expected the vehicle to make its public debut before the end of 2018, and that it would have a name, like the Senna, rather than a number like the 720S, which will be announced at the same time.

The entire McLaren BP23 production of 106 units was allocated even before the vehicle was officially announced in November 2016 at a price of £1.6million ( ₹ 14.41 crore) + taxes.

The next addition to the McLaren Ultimate Series will be the most luxurious McLaren ever according to Flewitt.

We had another tease for the BP 23 in March a year ago, and six months later McLaren were back with 'spy' photos of the BP23 as a 720S mule.

The three-seat layout and luxury focus of BP23 will make it heavier than its Ultimate Series stablemate, which weighs in at 1198kg dry, though with an "optimised" engine and a powerful hybrid drivetrain a power output approaching or exceeding 1000bhp is likely to help it punch to that 243mph-plus top speed.

McLaren BP23 will carry an as-yet unannounced name, rather than the alphanumerical nomenclatures used by the McLaren Sports Series and Super Series. McLaren has already pre-sold every BP23. That would also rule out names such as Prost, Hakkinen, Fittipaldi and Hunt, but perhaps not other names associated with the firm's history.



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