Google Lens rolls out to AR-enabled Android phones with Google Photos

Google Lens rolls out to AR-enabled Android phones with Google Photos

The first developer preview for Google's Android P update arrived on Wednesday, allowing people to prepare their apps for the 2018 update. The feature has been the most talked about since it first saw daylight in Google's very own device Pixel 2. Google will also enable encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret. This was available via a standalone app, but Android P is likely to bring these features to everyone. Of course, the Android developers haven't spoiled everything, but with the publishing of Android P's features overview, we can start piecing everything together.

It is said that Google Lens is intuitive enough to identify that it is looking at a Wi-Fi network's name and password, then it offers the user the option to tap a button and connect automatically. Android P will let apps manage how the content is displayed on devices with a notch on the front. There are many other improvements in Android P that are described in more detail at the link below. Additionally, Google says it'll help support "disambiguated" voice control; that would let users say something like "turn on this light" and have the Google Assistant understand where you are and what light you're talking about.

In Android P, users can expect messaging app notifications to become even more functional than what the current state is.

That means, for the third year in a row, Google is making a developer preview for the next version of Android available in March - months ahead of a consumer release in the autumn. The preview includes an updated SDK with system images for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, and the official Android Emulator. Try to explore things around you and tell us your experience in the comments. The rich notifications improve upon Android's current notifications by adding more context and potentially suggested replies. However, no exact timeline is known at the time of writing this. If it has rolled out to your device, it will show up as a tiny magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen when you take a photo or open one you've already taken.

Google is asking developers to make their app compatible with Android P so that their users can expect a seamless transition when they upgrade.

Unfortunately, you cannot use it to find the name of your crush or some random stranger walking down the street.



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