Android P will turn your phone as a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

Android P will turn your phone as a Bluetooth Keyboard or Mouse

So far, little is known about the features of the next iteration of Android OS. But soon in the future, it's possible that all Android devices will be able to do so too, according to online sources here and here, the next-in-line Android P could add that feature making the phone function as a keyboard or trackpad. It is said that the smartphone can be doubled as a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard with this new OS version. You might be familiar with some of the more common ones, such as the Hands-Free Profile (HFP) and Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which are typically used for voice calls and music streaming respectively.

Xda reports that once Android P's new Bluetooth HID is enabled, developers will be able to add the capability to their apps. With the implementation of HID (Human Interface Device) Bluetooth Profile, it is possible for Android devices to be used as input devices such as mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc. Huawei also allows you to use some of its phones as a trackpad in its own PC mode. Although, the Bluetooth HID profile concept has been around for a while, but Google never supported it until now. However, the service has now been enabled (as per the new commits) and the APIs (Application Programming Interface) for developers have also been unhidden, meaning they can create apps that work on Bluetooth HID profile.

Android P will join the likes of both Samsung and Huawei, which have enabled similar capabilities in their most recent devices, including the Galaxy S9. This new feature is a step forward in expanding the inter-connectivity between the smartphone and other devices.

Developers can get more information next week on the Android P developer preview here, with more information slated to be released at the Google I/O 2018 conference in May.



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