You won't BELIEVE what this woman did inside an airport X-ray machine

You won't BELIEVE what this woman did inside an airport X-ray machine

Have you ever anxious your belongings might be stolen when you go through security checks?

A train commuter went to extreme lengths to keep her valuables by her side during a security check at a station in China, when she climbed into an X-ray machine to be near her handbag. I can see them thinking.

"You see new unusual things every day", a person wrote on social media after seeing the Dongguan footage.

The footage also shows the woman climbing down from the X-ray machine afterward.

The woman rode through the security screening machine on Sunday in the southern city of Dongguan because she wanted to protect her money, the People's Daily's Facebook post and other media reports said.

This was obvs a bit of an issue for the woman, who refused to let her handbag go through the machine unattended.

It is unclear what the woman was carrying in her handbag but it is likely to have been wads of cash traditionally given as a gift for Chinese New Year.

"Do not [put] yourself into the security inspection machine", passengers were told.

While the worker tries to pull the man out, his attempts were in vain and he had to watch as the man was slowly dragged into the X-ray.

As you can see by the video above, security didn't even stop the woman as they were probably too shocked at what was unfolding. She reportedly didn't have the proper immigration paperwork for the baby and tried to get around the rules.

Would you ever climb into an X-ray machine for your precious belongings?

A video, which has gone viral on social media, shows the unidentified woman getting down from the conveyor belt.



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