Prepare to see everyone's to-do lists on Facebook now

Facebook launches 'Lists' to personalise status update box

You can also customise it with an emoji and background colour, to make it stand out in the News Feed.

Facebook Lists will appear in "What's on your mind?" and popup in status update box a alongside Feeling/Activity, Polls, Photo/Video, Check In, GIF, and other options. Like other recent additions and changes to the News Feed, Lists was created to encourage "meaningful connections between people rather than passive consumption of content", Facebook said.

Facebook's status update feature has evolved over the years, where previously it used to be where people would post the most inane of things.

In January, Facebook reprioritized the News Feed to show more posts from friends and family instead of brands and publishers.

Thus, it believes that, by making changes to its News Feed, it'll allow users to see more posts from the people they know while they'll only see fewer posts from celebrities or news organizations they follow.

The feature is not yet broadly available, as it's a slow global rollout starting today, we understand.

However, over the years as the threat to online privacy has increased, people have started posting lesser of personal content on the web. In fact, personal updates have declined over time, and Facebook wants them back. According to a report from eMarketer this week, Facebook lost approximately 2.8 million U.S. users under 25 in 2017, and will lose around 2.1 million more this year.

"On social media, you can passively scroll through posts, much like watching TV, or actively interact with friends - messaging and commenting on each other's posts", the company wrote.

The social networking made a significant update to its News Feed last month. When you are happy with your list, tap the Share button in the top-right corner.

This is the first notable update of the year and is part of the new Facebook strategy to get more users to share more personal content as opposed to the normal flood of click bait, news articles and viral videos.



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