Free Suffolk County flu shot clinic in Riverhead Tuesday

Free Suffolk County flu shot clinic in Riverhead Tuesday

It's unclear why this occurred, but it may have increased the transmission of flu this year, contributing to a worse season.

To get some answers, we spoke with Dr. Maria Lopez-Cantor, an internal specialist at New York University's Langone Health, over email. Biology professor Dr. Benjamin Christmann said it is largely thanks to how the prevalent strain has changed beyond the vaccine.

The report shows that to date, 140 influenza-related deaths have been reported in Arkansas this flu season, 137 among adult persons and 3 pediatric deaths.

Sirus Wheaton '19 said he did not receive the flu vaccine this year but did his best to prevent getting sick through other precautions.

He said it's important for children vaccinated against the flu, but stopped short of recommending making the flu shot mandatory, like measles mumps and rubella. To fix the problem, the Centers for Disease Control has begun working with manufacturers and insurance companies to ensure people get the medications they need. The CDC has had a universal flu vaccine recommendation in place for those ages 6 months and older since 2010, and last season the highest vaccination coverage, at 76.3%, was in children ages 6 to 23 months.

At least 66 people in Georgia have died after complications with the flu this season, including at least two children, according to the latest data from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Flu shots are available for residents who are age two and older at local pharmacies and for everyone age six months and older at pediatricians' and healthcare providers' offices. But what does that really mean?

"It's hard to make a vaccine like we have with some of our other diseases that's 100 per cent effective", she said, "But what we do know is that even if you do get flu vaccine, it's less likely to prevent complications so we still widely promote the vaccine". However, even if there is a "bad" match, the vaccine can still provide some protection.

The flu virus commonly takes the lives of infants and the elderly. Schuchat said they are also seeing an increasing proportion of B viruses circulating as well as a smaller rise in the proportion of H1N1 viruses. After a few days, maybe you are getting very bored with day time TV and eager to get back into your routine.

Antiviral drugs are a second line of defense to treat the flu if you get sick. Keeping yourself in isolation can prevent giving the flu to students who may work in the Kinder Haus or to commuter students that go home to young children. They then kill these viruses and use them in the vaccines.

To differentiate between a regular cold and the flu, Rubin said the hallmarks of the flu are high fevers, body aches and significant coughing.



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