Amazon Reveals 20 Finalists for 2nd headquarters

ChinnappaEmployees of Amazon India are seen behind a glass bearing the company's logo inside its office in Bengaluru, India, August 14, 2015.

The online retail giant offered up a list of 20 finalists and the First State was not among them. The company said 238 cities across North America submitted proposals and that 20 "will proceed to the next step in the HQ2 process". Over the past five years, Amazon has invested more than $100 billion in the USA, including corporate offices, development and research centers, fulfillment infrastructure, and compensation to its teams.

"Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough, " the company said in a tweet.

Boston; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Dallas; Denver; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Miami; Montgomery County, Md.; Nashville; Newark, N.J.; NY; northern Virginia; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; Raleigh, N.C.; Toronto; and Washington, D.C., are contenders in the Seattle-based company's quest for a second home.

No matter which metro area Amazon selects for HQ2, the big victor when it comes the boom in air traffic is likely to be another Seattle-based company: Alaska Airlines. The victor city will be announced sometime this year, and while there is no specific release date, fans are expecting more information to be released in the near future.

Based on its direct-flight service, Alaska Airlines should be all smiles no matter which city Amazon chooses for HQ2. Amazon is expecting to start building HQ2 in 2019 with a target completion by 2027.



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