View on wall hasn't changed

Ryan calls out Schumer on 2013 shutdown remarks

Trump's tweet followed articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post on Wednesday that said Trump's chief of staff, John Kelly, had told Democratic lawmakers that Trump had been uninformed when campaigning on the platform of building a wall along the entire US-Mexico border.

In his tweet, President Trump said he still expected Mexico to pick up the costs, possibly "through longer term reimbursement".

It's a push that the White House and Republicans say they would back if it's coupled with tough border security measures and other restrictions. Trump said in another tweet that described Mexico as "now rated the most unsafe country in the world".

Federal agents standing watch over Trump's eight border-wall prototypes as they neared completion along the US- Mexico border near San Diego on October 23.

The president and Democrats are now negotiating border security and immigration reform ahead of a potential government shutdown Friday.

The president, this person said, particularly disliked that the word "uninformed" appeared in news reports and has chafed for weeks at the characterization of him as not intelligent and flighty in the best-selling book about his presidency by author Michael Wolff. "There is other places we think about 800 miles of additional wall, to include the 600 that's already in place, the fencing, that would suffice". Last week, Trump televised a bipartisan meeting where he seemed amenable to signing a bill focused exclusively on preventing unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the country as children from being deported.

He said the President had undergone an "evolutionary process" and that things said during campaigns "may not be fully informed".

"The $20 billion dollar Wall is "peanuts" compared to what Mexico makes from the US".

"[Trump's] changed his attitude toward the DACA issue and even the wall", Kelly then said during an appearance Wednesday evening on Fox News, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

After meeting with border security experts, Kelly said Trump's policy on the border wall "has evolved".

Gutiérrez told reporters that during the meeting, Kelly said that during the presidential campaign, "there were statements made about the wall that were not informed statements".

Many Democrats have said that without an immigration deal in sight, they'll vote against a Republican bill preventing a weekend government shutdown. Part of negotiators' problem has been uncertainty over what Trump would accept.

Kelly also told caucus members that he had tempered Trump's negative view of DACA and that the president was committed to finding a solution to replace the program, which protects some 780,000 so-called "Dreamers".

In spite of Kelly's efforts, administrators have been disappointed with Trump's moving position on DACA and a more extensive movement bargain.

Trump saved his most explosive and contentious claim for his third Mexico post, in what was a busy morning for the president on the social media platform.



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