Trident could be used AGAINST UK in 'devastating' nuclear missile cyber attack

President Trump's former campaign aide Sam Nunberg is quoted in'Fire and Fury Inside the Trump White House talking about the president's short attention span as he tried to teach him about the Constitution for the first GOP primary debate

Although some information is publicly available on U.S. weapons systems, there is very little information regarding other nuclear weapons states.

What a difference a year makes.

Trump's rhetoric towards North Korea of its nuclear weapons program has the group particularly anxious, noting his "nuclear button" tweet and his "fire and fury" threat last summer.

Now it appears that a new, Pentagon-led Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) will seek to formally shift USA nuclear strategy to align with Trump's more aggressive nuclear notions. Mr. Trump's policy also talks about "extreme circumstances, " but it dangerously broadens the definition to include "significant non-nuclear strategic attacks", which could mean using nuclear weapons to respond to cyber, biological and chemical weapon attacks.

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'At best, cyber insecurity in nuclear weapons systems is likely to undermine trust and confidence in military capabilities and in the nuclear weapons infrastructure.

But nuclear weapons are unlike any other weapons.

"The use of even a small number of these weapons would be catastrophic", Kimball said.

Later in an interview with CNN Sam Nunberg verified that President Trump had only made it to the Fourth Amendment during their lesson but argued that the now president'knows the Constitution
Trident could be used AGAINST UK in 'devastating' nuclear missile cyber attack

Bruce Blair, a former nuclear missile launch officer who co-founded Global Zero, which advocates the elimination of nuclear weapons, called the report "basically a status quo document" except for the plan to develop new nuclear options for countering Russian Federation.

Soofer said that the strategy "will require a broad range of forces of various ranges, various yields...which can defeat Russia's and China's nuclear strategy". "They have added new types of nuclear capabilities to their arsenals ... and engage in increasingly aggressive behavior, including in outer space and cyberspace", stated the Pentagon in its draft 64-page NPR, obtained and first reported by the Huffington Post.

Worse still, the new NPR is expected to overturn long-standing USA policy barring the development of new nuclear warheads. In a draft of the Nuclear Posture Review 2018, the Trump administration expresses the intention to go against a decision to retire the nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles (SLCM) taken in the 2010 review under President Barack Obama.

That is unsafe, Cold War thinking. "And, in fact, I don't think you can make the case that this president needs any more capabilities".

The Pentagon is expected to release the nuclear review after Trump's State of the Union on Address on January 30, though it is not clear if the timeline has been altered by the draft's leakage.

It says the US will adhere to existing arms control agreements, while expressing doubt about prospects for any new such pacts. The new plan dramatically shortens the timeline for a "simple [nuclear] test" to six to 10 months from the previous 24- to 36-month requirement. "Worse, it appears the president is operating under the belief that these threats of nuclear war are working; we can only expect this behavior will continue".

"Trump's inflammatory rhetoric has put the United States on a collision course with North Korea", they wrote. In reality, there is no new "missile gap".

The use of cruise missiles in particular is seen as controversial and potentially destabilizing because, in the event one is fired, other countries would not be able to know whether it carried a nuclear warhead or not, increasing the chances of miscalculation and the potential for triggering a nuclear war.



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