New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Federal Intervention on Marijuana

High time Congress takes up marijuana			 1					By		Apryl Marie Fogel

The state lawmakers will not meet again until 2019.

Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo last Thursday, which was a 2013 Justice Department from then-deputy attorney general James Cole.

Sessions' move allows federal prosecutors to decide what to do when state rules conflict with federal.

Thomas said if the federal government does what Sessions has authorized and enforces the Controlled Substances Act, medical marijuana users would be in violation of the most stringent provision of federal drug laws.

The memos said that, while marijuana was still illegal, prosecutors would not prioritize pursuing criminal charges in states that had set up their own regulatory regimes. The accelerating trend of states approving marijuana for medical and recreational purposes may be getting ahead of the science to support it, they say.

Analysts say the amendment must be renewed each time federal spending laws are signed, the next of which is to occur on January 19.

"It's absolutely critical that you know what your patients are taking, if only to be better able to assess what is going on", said Dr J. Michael Bostwick, a psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who has written on medical marijuana use. Eight states, including MA, have legalized recreational use for adults.

Polis has been a longtime advocate for updating federal marijuana policy.

This does not necessarily mean the budding medical marijuana industry in Arkansas, approved by a 2016 ballot initiative, will be subject to prosecution by federal officials.

The policy shift announced by Sessions "spurs Congress [to] an even greater need to act in this area of law", Gardner said. The first would lift the federal prohibition on marijuana, while the latter would prohibit the Justice Department from using any of its resources to prosecute those operating legally under state programs. I have filed 19 lawsuits against the Trump administration, so I have some experience in the courtroom with the federal government.

A state can have any law it wants with regard to marijuana.

Both used a payment processing company that worked with a MA bank that processed medical marijuana transactions.

A majority of the state's medical marijuana dispensaries were forced to stop accepting debit cards from patients Tuesday, after threats of a federal crackdown prompted a key payment processing company to pull out of the MA cannabis market. This bill would remove marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug; transition marijuana oversight from the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Agency to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and regulate marijuana like alcohol by inserting it into the section of the U.S. Code that governs "intoxicating liquors".

Marijuana legalization is typically most popular with the libertarian-leaning wing of the Republican Party. Cory Gardner are still deadlocked in the battle over legal marijuana.

On Tuesday, Baker said that any federal crackdown on the state's nascent commercial marijuana industry is a misguided use of taxpayer dollars.



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