Robert De Niro Calls President Trump a 'Fool' in Expletive-Filled Tirade

De Niro who was at the ceremony to introduce Meryl Streep also called Trump a'jerkoff-in-chief and compared him to the'delusional narcissistic petty vindictive President Nixon

According to a transcript obtained by the New York Times, De Niro took a jab at Trump's recent comment that he was a "stable genius" and also called him the "j**k-off in chief" and a "f**king fool".

Amid Trump's attacks on the media, Streep and Tom Hanks, who were honored at the gala, have been vocal about their support for the press.

De Niro may have been blunter than usual. De Niro said, "The Post is a wonderful movie even though the story takes place fifty years ago but there are many parallels today".

"Today the world is suffering from real Donald Trump. It's the Emperor's New Clothes - the guy is a (expletive) fool", De Niro said.

Steven Spielberg, while making a speech after accepting the best film awarad for The Post, referred to the current "oppression" of the media and the instability of the United States and quoted former president Barack Obama's remarks that democracy can be dangerously "reversible".

"Just like in 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with fearless, exacting journalism", De Niro said.

In Steven Spielberg's The Post, Nixon is exposed as a "delusional, narcissistic, petty" leader who attempted to silence the Washington Post and The New York Times for publishing the Pentagon Papers, which unraveled a web of lies by the government. "Ah, the good old days".

The actor even held an anti-Trump rally in New York City post-election, and while giving a talk to a class of Brown University graduates in May after being awarded an honorary degree, he declared that, "in movie terms", the USA was once "an inspiring uplifting drama" but has since turned into "a tragic dumb-ass comedy".

De Niro referred to the diagnosis while taking a dig at Trump. But Trump is in your face every day doing something that is absolutely - what word can I use? I make no excuse for him: what he did was frightful and bad; monstrous. He's just a slob.



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