'Our national embarrassment': Donald Trump dragged after stumbling over United States national anthem

Donald Trump

Earlier in the day, the former Celebrity Apprentice host said during a speech to farmers in Nashville that "we love our flag and we love our anthem and we want to keep it that way".

"There is plenty of space for people to express views and to protest", he said.

Following the national anthem, Alabama running back Bo Scarborough, who clearly wasn't happy with Trump (figuratively) kicking off the game, was heard yelling an anti-Trump slur before taking the field.

He certainly didn't sing all of them.

Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump, on Tuesday praised his father for showing "some respect" for the national anthem and the American flag.

And given the president's strong stance on the national anthem, it's no surprise that his critics pounced.

He was escorted onto the field for the "Star-Spangled Banner".

There were times when Trump wasn't singing at all and at others he seemed to be speaking out random words.

On Monday night, Trump appeared at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium before the College Football Playoffs, where he was greeted with a mixture of cheers and booing. The protest was meant to mock those conservatives who often call liberals "snowflakes".

He has also repeatedly tweeted about the issue.

The act, to protest systemic racism and police brutality, was condemned by Trump, who said the National Football League should suspend the player.

But as we approach midterm elections and Republicans try to court black voters, Trump may have to tread carefully.

Reports say the president will be examined next week at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre, the country's largest military hospital, by the same doctor as his predecessor Barack Obama.

Previous surveys have found that many American's don't know the full lyrics to the U.S. anthem, but for the United States president, a man who has attacked footballers for their actions during the anthem, his inability to sing the lyrics proved unpopular online.



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