Engineer Behind Google Memo Sues Over Discrimination Against White Male Conservatives

Fired Engineer Says Google Discriminated Based on His'Male Gender''Caucasian Race

And Damore's suit adds that Google's attempts to hire greater numbers of women and other workers from diverse, underrepresented backgrounds represents a form of "invidious discrimination" on the part of the tech giant, "to the detriment of caucasian and male employees".

James Damore was fired from his engineering job at Google a year ago after he wrote a memo that criticized the company's diversity efforts and argued that the low number of women in engineering positions was a result of biological differences.

James Damore on Monday filed a class-action complaint after setting off a firestorm in August with a 10-page memo blasting Google's "left bias" for creating a "politically correct monoculture".

In short, Damore and a former colleague named David Gudeman claim that Google discriminated against white conservative men-and they want payback.

Gudeman was sacked in 2016 because he made comments supporting now-President Donald Trump during the presidential campaign and because he questioned a co-worker's claims that he was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation exclusively because he was a Muslim, according to the complaint. Meanwhile, Google's HR department allegedly accused a conservative employee of "inciting violence" after he stated that he would teach traditional gender roles to his children.

This is a developing story.

Echoing Damore's initial blog post, the suit also accuses Google of "producing an ideological echo chamber" and "a protected, distorted bubble of groupthink" where political correctness was elevated over merit.

A Google spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

But while he wanted more diversity of viewpoints, he wasn't so kind to diversity when it came to gender. Damore and Gudeman are seeking monetary and other damages. "Google has engaged in some shocking activities in my opinion". The lawsuit follows a complaint that Damore filed with the National Labor Relations Board in August on the basis that Google was "misrepresenting and shaming me in order to silence my complaints". Specifically, he said, the gender pay gap "doesn't necessarily imply sexism". According to the company's most recent demographic report, 69% of its workforce and 80% of its technical staff are male.



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