Missed the Bitcoin Rally? This Cryptocurrency May Be Your Second Chance

But what the Times calls "hysteria" behind cryptocurrency successors to bitcoin-others in play include Stellar, Cardano, and Byteball-has some money experts skeptical. Bitcoin, however, is constantly being created until it reaches a pre-set limit of 21 million coins; this limit is not expected to be reached until around the year 2140.

Larsen, with his XRP holdings, ranks just ahead of Google co-founder Larry Page and a few billion dollars behind Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, who formerly held the title of the world's richest person.

From highs above $3.60, the latest milestone in what has become the biggest-ever annual appreciation for a major cryptocurrency of around 35,000%, the platform's XRP token swiftly fell by nearly a fifth following the news. Those assets catapulted him within reach of Facebook's Zuckerberg, now No. 4 on Forbes' richest person list with around $74 billion, and ahead of Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, who's worth about $59 billion. Bitcoin's creator is now unknown. At Friday's record high prices, that gives Ripple about $136 billion worth of the digital currency. Evaluated at close to $55 Billion, Chris Larsen is now eyeing at Mark Zuckerberg's no. 4 spot. Alright for some, isn't it? Not us, so don't take our advice.

Riding the wave of increased anticipation in regards to a possible Coinbase listing, Ripple's recent price surges saw the cryptocurrency recording massive gains of more than 40,000% during 2017.

Of course, Ripple is far from the only other cryptocurrency out there. Exactly a month ago, ethereum was trading around $420, which is less than half of the current valuation.

Still, bubble or otherwise, it seems like cryptocurrencies have long moved past their shady origins and have truly infiltrated the mainstream consciousness. Then came $1, $2 and $3 landmarks - all within a span of the next two weeks.



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