United flight diverted to Alaska after man spreads feces in lavatories

A passenger aboard United Flight 895 smeared excrement in two of the plane's bathrooms forcing it to divert to Alaska police say

The man, who also tried to stuff his shirt in the toilet, forced the flight crew to divert to Alaska so he could be removed.

Airport officials confirmed that the Thursday night landing at Ted Stevens International Airport was due to "a passenger smearing feces everywhere".

An worldwide United Airlines flight was diverted and forced to land Thursday night after a passenger reportedly smeared feces on the walls of multiple airplane bathrooms.

The passenger was reportedly cooperative when he was met by airport authorities and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents in Anchorage.

The flight landed in Anchorage about 6:30 p.m. and was met by local and federal law enforcement, police said.

The identity of the man who caused the disturbance has not been released, KTUU reports, but he cooperated with airport police and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who questioned him after the plane landed in Anchorage.

He was then taken to a hospital for a psych evaluation and no charges have been filed according to KTVA.

The reason? A passenger defecated all over two of the bathrooms of a Boeing 777, rendering them both useless.

According to airport police, the alleged bathroom-destroyer cooperated with United Airlines staff and was escorted into police custody.



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