North Korea testing biological warheads for its missiles

     KIM JONG-UN North Korea is determined to obtain ICBMs for a showdown with the US

A report in the Japanese newspaper Ashai on Tuesday (19 December) said that the hermit nation was testing the means of loading the biological weapon on to missiles that could reach South Korea, Japan and the United States.

Trump's National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster said earlier this month that North Korea was the "greatest immediate threat to the US" In reaction to North Korea missile tests and threats, the US has engaged in a major joint military exercise this month with the South Korean army that involved more than 12,000 personnel.

"The source in South Korea said Pyongyang is conducting heat and pressure resistance tests to see whether anthrax germs can survive at temperatures of 7,000 degrees or higher, the level an ICBM encounters when it re-enters Earth's atmosphere", Asahi reported.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un next to a Hwasong-15 ballistic missile.

In response, North Korea said it would "take revenge" on the USA for saying it is developing biological weapons.

North Korea claims the exercise are preparation for war, while China is incensed at the deployment of the US's THAAD anti-missile system, which it believes enable the South to peer deep into into the Chinese interior.

The country has been capable of producing biological agents such as anthrax and smallpox for decades after orders from North Korea's first leader Kim Il Sung in the 1960s.

Pyongyang sees the joint exercises as preparation for war, while Beijing is still angry about the deployment of a USA anti-missile system, commonly known as THAAD, by South Korea.

The news comes just days after South Korean President Moon Jae-in hinted at the possibility of a thaw in relations with China and the North in advance of the Winter Olympics, scheduled for February 2018, by suggesting he was open to the idea of postponing military drills with the US.

Kim Jong Un's scientists launched its "greatest" ICBM in late November that the regime claimed could carry a "super-heavy nuclear warhead" that could strike "the whole mainland of the U.S".

The DPRK is the abbreviation for North Korea's official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. "In part, there is unconfirmed information that it has already succeeded in such experiments".

In the statement, the Director of Press of IFAS also accused the USA saying, American politicians and white supremacists were overtly researching and developing biological weapons in "conceived attempts for state terrorism and racial extinction".


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