Some Endgame Destiny 2 Content Now Locked Behind DLC

Some Endgame Destiny 2 Content Now Locked Behind DLC

The issue? Any gear above 300 (305 with Mods equipped) requires the player to be level 21 to equip. Curse of Osiris also raises the level cap from 20 to 25, so those who do not own the DLC can not physically be high enough Power to participate in the activities.

What makes the entire situation worse, though, is that players who have not purchased the DLC can still acquire new items through the Eververse store, which is where Destiny 2's microtransactions take place. This is something that players paid for and now it is locked behind the Curse of Osiris DLC. Since the release of "The Curse of Osiris" on Tuesday, these light level limits have been raised to reflect the fact that the light level cap has increased from 300 to 330 with the DLC.

Before the Curse of Osiris DLC, players were able to do the prestige Raid (hard mode raid), Nightfall (end-game strike with modifiers) and Trials (end-game PvP) on a weekly basis for rewards. But the problem didn't end there.

Has this locked off some content you were planning on playing? The Strike doesn't say that it is PL 330 when hovering over it in the Destination Map, but players will soon find that out when the enemies decimate their fireteam.

The players are also saying that the new DLC should be called an update rather than a DLC and if you think about it, the players are right indeed.

There is no guarantee that Bungie will revert the recommended power level back down to 300, but the developer should at least address the content lockout. As a result of that, vanilla players can no longer access them.



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