Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon Denies Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Former Seattle Seahawks and Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon is being sued for sexual harassment according to a report

According to court documents, Wendy Haskell alleges Moon made "unwanted and unsolicited" sexual advances while she worked for Sports 1 Marketing.

A representative from Moon's company did not immediately respond to Reuters when asked to comment on the allegations against the 61-year-old former quarterback.

The latest disturbing sexual harassment allegations are against famed former NCAA, CFL and National Football League quarterback and current Seattle Seahawks' broadcaster Warren Moon (seen above during agent Leigh Steinberg's 2017 Super Bowl party). On the same trip, according to the lawsuit, Moon pulled off Haskell's bathing suit while on the beach, despite her pleas with him to stop.

In May 1995, a Vikings cheerleader sued Moon and accused him of sexual harassment, alleging that he offered her cash for sex. The lawsuit alleges that Moon acknowledged drugging Haskell because he thought she wasn't "having fun".

Moon's lawyer explained that his client took that action because he is afraid "his duties as a commentator on the Seattle Seahawks radio network will be impacted as he defends himself against these claims". Haskell, who traveled with Moon to speaking engagements, also claims in her suit that Moon required her to stay in his hotel room and wear "skimpy thong lingerie bottoms" while sleeping in the same bed. When she protested, he replied that she had to comply to keep her job and said that "his prior assistant accepted the same arrangement", the lawsuit states.

After beginning his career in the CFL and then playing 12 years for the Oilers and Vikings, he spent the 1997 and 1998 seasons with the Seahawks before finishing up his playing career with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2000. The case was settled out of court within days.

Moon told reporters that the couple had an argument and that he had made "a tremendous mistake".

If he is found guilty in this case, Moon could also face disciplinary measures from both the Seattle Seahawks and the league under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy. Authorities charged Moon, anyway, but Moon was acquitted after Felicia testified she provoked the scuffle.

Haskell told The Washington Post through her attorney, Diana L. Fitzgerald, that she wishes to have her name made public.

Though Moon has been accused of sexual misconduct and domestic abuse before, this is the first time he has gone under the spotlight in the post-Weinstein era of hyper-awareness towards powerful men sexually harassing and assaulting women.



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