Google pulls YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV devices

Google pulls YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV devices

Especially in a week where Google has pulled YouTube off the Amazon Fire TV stick following a spat between the two companies.

Apple TV owners on Reddit are reporting the same issue with surround sound with others explaining the problem is not happening through the Prime Video app on other devices like game consoles, and specifically the Sony Playstation 4.

Back in June 2017, at its WWDC event, Apple announced that that the Amazon Prime Video app will be coming to its Apple TV and TV app users. Amazon's library of 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) titles are available on Apple TV 4K. Now Google has been unhappy with Amazon using its YouTube service on its devices and this was the first step to make Amazon agree to its demands.

Amazon is busy making its list and checking it twice, but we didn't have to wait until Christmas to find out who was naughty (YouTube) and who was nice (Apple) on the company's Christmas list.

Amazon stopped selling Apple TV and Google Chromecast on its website after a year of launching Fire TV. Google is threatening to pull YouTube from Fire TV by January 1, the latest round in a fierce battle between the two tech heavyweights.

Google and Amazon have always been in discussion regarding on the best way to go about with their products and have an equally beneficial working relationship. Amazon on its part is trying to sort things out with Google. This is bad news for consumers, as streaming boxes have been and are expected to continue to be one of the most popular gift items, since they are (mostly) affordably priced.

If the new announcement has you thinking of signing up to Amazon Prime Video you can test it out with a free 30-day trial. Apple has also stayed out of the cloud computing business entirely, allowing Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to offer their own cloud services to app developers.

"Making the situation even more odd is that when I first installed the Amazon Video app yesterday, shows were appearing with the 5.1 header information on them". And while all streaming devices offer more than just video, Apple TV goes much further in offering an iPhone-like experience on a big screen.

In a statement to Variety, an Amazon rep said: "Google is setting a disappointing precedent by selectively blocking customer access to an open website".



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