TV shows halt production due to raging California fires

Westworld Season 2 Premiere Title

Raging wildfires that broke out in southern California on Monday night have forced two television shows to halt filming due to safety fears.

Season 2 is now in production, but news has it that filming has been halted due to the state of California wildfires.

In Los Angeles County, The Creek Fire has grown to 11,000 acres, and the Rye Fire is burning about 1,000 acres, according to latest updates from fire officials. CBS has also had to suspend filming its show "S.W.A.T". With traffic a mess, the flames getting close to Santa Clarita Studios, and unsafe air, the entire cast and crew of S.W.A.T. was sent home as a precaution. No homes have yet been threatened in the area, unlike what has happened in nearby Ventura and Sylmar.

A staff for the studio revealed that their Internet connection has been down due to the fire. "We're chasing the fire and trying to get ahead of it".

They said filming would return to normal when the fires subsided.

A major fire also flared up in LA County on Tuesday, and LA mayor Eric Garcetti said that the dry climate and high winds indicate the fire won't die down for another five day. The HBO series garnered 22 Emmy nominations following its first season.

As things stand, Westworld season 2 has been slated for a spring 2018 premiere on HBO, though it's possible that date will be pushed in order to accommodate these extenuating circumstances.



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