Arnold officer in critical condition after being shot by handcuffed suspect

St. Louis Area Officer Shot in the Head by Suspect Being Transported to Jail

O'Connor drove Klahs to the police station for booking.

St. Louis County Police said these are the only two approved fundraisers for the O'Connor family.

Find more information about the event on its Facebook page, "Dine Out for Arnold Police Officer O'Connor." Klahs had a police record showing felony convictions for burglaries and drug offenses, and misdemeanor assault and thefts.

O'Connor is hospitalized in critical condition and was in surgery late Tuesday.

Police said Klahs was "well-known" to them.

A suburban St. Louis police officer is in surgery after being shot by a suspect inside a police vehicle, apparently with a gun police failed to confiscate.

The shooting shook police in Arnold, a city of about 21,000 people some 15 miles (25 kilometers) south of St. Louis.

Police officers from across the region showed up at St. Anthony's to show their support for the wounded officer who has been with the Arnold Police Department for about three years and previously worked as an officer in St. Louis County and Ferguson.

The incident began as a burglary call in an Arnold neighborhood when Matt Faller reported that when he got home, his pregnant wife told him that a man was peering into their windows, the Fox affiliate reported. Officers heard shots in the woods as they searched for the suspect.

An investigation continues into why the second gun wasn't confiscated.

Medical Center. Officers had taken one gun from Klahs during his arrest, but he had apparently concealed a second weapon that he ultimately used in the shooting.

He said Arnold Police alerted other law enforcement agencies about "an officer down" at about 1:35 p.m. O'Connor is a married father of four and is the son of Tom O'Connor, a former police chief in the St. Louis County town of Maryland Heights. Police aren't sure if the suspect's wound was self-inflicted.

The shooting happened on the Arnold Police Department parking lot inside a police SUV the officer was driving, and after the shooting, the vehicle crashed into a fence and a diesel gas tank near the police station, but the auto did not hit the building, Capt. Gary Higginbotham of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said. His name has not been released. They believe the suspect's gunshot wound was self inflicted. The man is hospitalized but a condition report is not immediately available.

Investigators say officers responded to a burglary at an Arnold residence near Jeffco Boulevard.



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