Disgraced 'Today' Show Host Matt Lauer Will Not Recieve Salary Payout

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NBC's top news executives asked Today co-host Matt Lauer about reports that he had sexually harassed colleagues, but Lauer repeatedly denied them in the two weeks before he was sacked, according to people at the network. Lauer's official last day was Tuesday, and according to a network source, that will also be his final day collecting a check from NBC. The contract ran through 2018. The insider didn't deny that Matt's lawyers would try to fight for him to receive a payout, and the source was adamant that the network would not budge on their decision. However, the New York Post indicated that it extended through the first half of 2019, leading to the $30 million figure.

The NBC source did not dispute that Lauer's attorneys might designate a plan for get him paid, but said the network will not agree to any sort of payout.

In the midst of being fired after a sexual misconduct scandal, there is more bad news for Matt Lauer. "Morale clauses" are typical for television news contracts and this case applies. Given reports about his yearly salary over the past decade, he has likely already been paid well in excess of $100 million during his time at NBC.

If the timeline is credible, it means that NBC News chairman Andy Lack and president Noah Oppenheim were unaware of Lauer's alleged misconduct until very recently. The first story leaked on Monday night, with a woman accusing him of abuse that started in 2014.

"A team of the most experienced NBC Universal Legal and Human Resources leaders have begun a thorough and timely review of what happened and what we can do to build a culture of greater transparency, openness and respect for each other", Lack said. The criticism resumed when Bill O'Reilly reportedly received about $25 million, a severance payment amounting to one year of his four-year contract, when he left Fox earlier this year.



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