Tesla's 100MW battery pack beigns operations in South Australia

Tesla Kick Starts World's Biggest Lithium Ion Battery

The US electric vehicle company was awarded a deal to build the battery earlier this year coupling efforts with French renewable energy firm Neoen.

The world's biggest battery was officially released in Australia on Friday. Though Musk did have a bit of a head start, he had the battery built in 60 days.

Jay Weatherill stated now, the South Australia is competing others in the rival of making renewable energy and it has made the history in the making. However, it had already begun dispatching some power into the state's power grid on the afternoon of November 31 as temperatures rose above 30-degrees.

Today the state of South Australia announced that that battery-the world's largest-is now online, reports CNBC.

The Tesla Powerpack will be charged using power generated by the Hornsdale wind farm.

Musk [pictured here] promised to build the 100-megawatt battery within 100 days of the contracts being signed at the end of September or hand it over to the South Australia state government for free.

The battery packs are expected to secure the region's electricity supply and allows for clean and affordable wind energy being dispatched to the grid.

South Australia suffered a severe blackout past year that left 1.7 million people without electricity, prompting Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to lash out at state regulations that encouraged what he believed to be a too heavy a reliance on renewable energy: the Australian Energy Market Operator found that the blackout was caused by too sensitive protection mechanisms at some windfarms in South Australia.

"Storage can respond within a fraction of a second".

Meanwhile, opponents of the South Australia's new pro-renewable energy solution argue that the battery is a "Hollywood Solution" in a country that still relies on fossil fuels, mainly coal, for two-thirds of its electricity.

Hoping that Tesla's li-ion battery storage solution would have greater adoption in the future, Elon Musk visited the site and hailed the battery as "just the beginning".



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