Priyank and Vikas hug and patch up

Bandgi Puneesh

In the second round Shlpa dances for Vikas and Luv for Priyank. The result of tonight's captaincy task is out and, it is none other than mastermind Vikas Gupta who will become the next captain of Bigg Boss 11 house. The house looks divided between Priyank, Shilpa and Vikas. Later they both entered the jail, but Puneesh got violent in the jail.

Shilpa laughed at the goof-up and thanked Vikas and Puneesh for saving her honour on national television, and resumed the conversation. They say that with every passing day Hina is getting loud because of her insecurities. Vikas tells Hiten that SHilpa might loose her balance because of Arshi's torture.

Later, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate contestants for jail and Hina is the first to nominate Bandagi and Puneesh.

Interestingly, Bigg Boss gives a task in which contestants have to give five names which suits the title and contestants have to click the ideal selfie. As Shlpa is cutting some vegetables in the living area, Arshi goes and sits besides her. The housemates will literally dance to the tunes of DJ Vikas Gupta and DJ Priyank Sharma - at least that's what Bigg Boss wants. Will Arshi now change her attitude towards Vikas?

Bigg Boss introduces a new game to the contestants where they were to give title to five contestants.

Soon after the announcement, Priyank can be seen asking the rest of the housemates to support him. Priyank also says that why Hina thinks that she will go till the finale, because it's Salman, who said that to her on one weekend.



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