Wingsuit fliers jump from 13642-foot Alps summit into plane in midair

The French duo spent several months training for the stunt

Two wingsuit flyers pull off a daredevil stunt: flying over the Swiss Alps before "landing" inside a moving plane.

The Independent reported that in a Red Bull interview, Fugen and Reffet trained for months for the stunt and completed more than 100 test flights in Empuriabrava in Spain.

Red Bull, a company that is known for sharing insane stunts, posted a video on its website of two French wingsuit flyers jumping off the top of Switzerland's Jungfrau Mountain and landing inside a moving plane.

The French duo have already wowed millions around the world with their outlandish Soul Flyers wingsuit stunts over Mont Blanc and the Dolomites.

They jumped from the summit of Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps and then successfully landed in a tiny plane in mid-air. We also worked on the parachutes so they don't open too fast in case we touch the plane. Their latest project is called A Door In The Sky and saw them BASE jump from one of Europe's highest peaks and into a plane while it was flying at altitude.

Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffet
2 wingsuit flyers BASE jump into a plane in mid-air. | A Door In The Sky

"When we started to train, we thought it would be easier to be honest".

"We had to make the plane safe so we don't hurt ourselves if we touch it".

This video may be the craziest thing you'll ever see.

Two daring base jumpers have been caught on video, jumping off the side of a mountain into a plane.



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