Google updates Sheets, Slides, and Docs for iPhone X

The latest version of WhatsApp allows iOS users to watch a YouTube video received in a chat right within the application via the picture-in-picture mode. Before, the video would open in the YouTube app or a browser. The videos cover fairly basic tasks, including how to update to the latest version of iOS, how to take screenshots, send and save GIFs, create attachments in the Mail app, and more.

Users can also resize the video window using a pinch gesture, as well as maximising it to full screen for a better view.

'Note that the YouTube feature in WhatsApp is now disabled, also if the changelog reports it. Another important addition to the app is the so-called Locked Recordings, which should make it easier for iOS users to record a message.

This will lock the recording, freeing up your finger for other things.

WhatsApp added: 'Want to easily record long Voice Messages?

To record a voice message in the new version, you'll have to swipe up rather than tap and hold.

It is not known when it will be available on Android. The most recent update, iOS 11.1.2, only addressed the response problems of the iPhone X display in cold weather, while the update before it, iOS 11.1.1, only fixed the autocorrect problem. These videos are pulled from Apple's main YouTube channel for viewing.

'Finally this won't happen anymore.

Apple has launched an official YouTube channel which is meant to be the video formulation of company's tech-support dimension. The release is likely to be global but this has not been confirmed.



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