'Substitute Phone' To Help Smartphone Addicts Cope With Their Fiddly Habits

Substitute Phone, on the other hand, does not compete with any of the other smartphones, or feature phones for that matter, on the market.

Vienna-based designer Klemens Schillinger weapons physical stimulation in product design to calm the nerves of smartphone addicts-discouraging habits like incessantly swiping through the smartphone on a one-on-one coffee date/carrying it to the loo-smartphone addiction 101!

Designer Schillinger tells Dezeen, "the Substitute Phones allow these movements to be felt by scrolling on the marbles that are integrated into the case, something which is a clear differentiation from fidget spinners or fidget cubes". The disturbing frequency with which we tend to use our smartphones and Umberto Eco have inspired Schillinger to develop this object. He has designed five phones with different formations of the stone beads so that people can swipe, pinch or scroll on the stone beads to recreate the actions that they perform on their smartphone. "There are no digital functions". To put it in more simpler terms, the Substitute Phone, as they are called has a similar goal as fidget cubes and spinners. Klemens claims that it will act as a coping mechanism and will help users to check their phones less. The rolling beads provide physical stimulation as a substitute for phone usage, says the designer.

Cellular addiction is causing people to drift away from each other, focusing exclusively on these devices for interactions, entertainment, and connectivity.

The product can help addicts deal with withdrawal symptoms. He continued: "Some of the movements (like the zoom-in finger movement) were born with the smartphone.so I thought it makes sense to replicate them in an analog way". The Substitute phone was however featured in an exhibition for the Vienna Design Week earlier this fall. On a related note, Motorola website offers a series of quiz that will calculate your "phone-life" balance and will let you know if you suffer from smartphone addiction.



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