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Frutas de El Caney

"... the most audacious and loquacious show of queer-rock that has been made in Latin America in many years and hopefully, in a banner of the Puerto Rican scene in the future."

The Amarillo - bit.ly/AR-ElAmarillo

"With 'We went the hand' Eduardo Alegria faces his own legacy as manager of the independent scene in Puerto Rico and pioneer of The story of Joy, the story of a scene, our shared history. It is a victorious goodbye to a musical past and a successful bet on it. uncertainty".

Puerto Rico Indie - bit.ly/AR-PRIndie

"The name alone gives it away: Joy Rampante's debut album, We Were The Hand, is absolutely over the It's a magical pop-rock epic generously adorned with oddball bells and whistles-yet, for all its theatricality, it's still the same as the musical novel, it hits the fantastical highs as often as it is in moments of serenity. Serves up considerable substance. "

"A record that should resonate in all the speakers of Puerto Rico, in all the stations of the patio and before the attentive ears of the world whole". Rampant Joy is the new musical project of Eduardo Alegria, singer, songwriter and former member of the influential alternative rock group.

Superaquello, recognized as one of the leaders and founders of the independent Puerto Rican scene. With a progressive and innovative artistic vision, Joy Rampante has established itself as one of the most exciting emerging groups in the Caribbean, with a sticky but challenging sound that grabs the most celebrated strands of rock history.

And nourishes them with a colossal dose of theatricality and passion.

released October 2, 2015 SE NOS FUE LA MANO Produced by Eduardo Alegría and Nicolás Linares

Eduardo Alegría - voice, keyboards
Kristian Prieto Vachier - guitars
William Jorell Román - guitars
Juan Antonio Arroyo - bass
David Pérez - drums in Ponelectreros, Hotel Puercoespín, Esquina Periferia, A Smaller Room and Hallucinating to the Maximum
Jorge Luis Vargas Santiago - drums in Cícero, Ivelisse, La Iguana In The Window, The Container and Today Mars
Saul Robles - additional guitars in A Smaller Room and Hallucinating to the Highest
Arturo Vergés Vélez - trombones in Ponelectronics, Ivelisse and Interludio Return
Gabriel Beauchamp Hurtado - trumpet in Hotel Puercoespín
Bayoán Rivers - Irish flute in Corner Periphery
Beto Torrens - Percussion in Smaller Room, Peripheral Corner and Container
Isel Rodríguez - Voice in El Muletas
Laira Díaz Reyes - Voice in Ivelisse

Chorus To The Max:
Fofé Abreu Joel Rodríguez - additional sound design in Ponetratricians and Esquina Periferia
Teresa, Nindra Cordero, Charlie Rodríguez, Gisela Rosario, Walter Morciglio, Isel Rodríguez, Ignacio Peña, Yarimir Caban, Marcos Carpena and Liz Roman

Hernandez - additional characters in Hotel Puercoespín and The Container
Yamil Collazo - additional character in El Muletas

Recording, engineering and mixing by Nicolás Linares in Little Big Audio
Mastered by Steve Kadison
Illustrations by Omar Banuchi
Graphic Design by Alfredo Richner

Diaspora Records
First Edition CD | 1000 units
Alfredo Richner, Omar Silva, Movies Zapatero



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