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Hello friends of O_LTRA LOOKED

Every time I see the statistics I notice there are a couple of entries with many followers. Of them the Greeting of the storks with their CROTOREO .

There is one of 08-09-2013.

And a second of 19-04-2016 .

This year I have not yet spoken about them ...

The usual couple regained their nest platform, occupying it since January 2017, anticipating possible attempts to wrest it, as indeed has happened.

We have always won!

And the incubation with many ups and downs of temperature - heat, cold and snow included - seems to have started on March 10 . Numerous storks - they say that a great party in the sky

> Following the evolution, it seems to be April 17 that the female has started to leave the nest, alternating with her partner ...

And visits have resumed regularly every 2 or 3 days, with evident joy and croaking of the couple and the visitors.

And until today, that has raised a little head,

I chose these scenes, 2016 , Just as the incubation began.

Several storks approached the nest.

And the couple greeted them with frantic croaking ...

It is well appreciated as the "alleged invader" tries to undercut "owner" , Grabbing the neck with the strong beak and trying it with a quick twisting movement, which fails to complete.
In both images the invader is clearly identified as having a fracture consolidated in The right ankle. I marked it with a star.

In the MIRADA "Duel in the sun" of 19-04-2016 - of the attack of April 14, 2015 day I did not find them.

He was about to lose his right eye and suffered many other injuries.

And the 3 years of that day have been fulfilled, on April 5, 2014

And, in my estimation, many other storks, possibly children of another age, their partners, and others come to Celebrate the event, fly near the nest, look in the interior and look for a high point to stay for a while ...

Sometimes the male during incubation, and now both hatching eggs, leave the Nest and come out to give a stir, without ceasing the chattering, as thanking the undoubted mustra of affection of their visits.

These visits are in Will grow at the start of the crankshaft jumping season and the days of the first flights.

I want to clarify here 3 points :

1 a) - The CROTOREO is classically considered as the COUPLE'S GREETING ...

1 b) - Or a NOTICE to those who approach And represent a danger or aggression to eggs or chicks.

In my multiple observations of the last 3 and a half years, only on one occasion did the storks crooked: it was an A. Calzada, to which the male had to "drive off" the sword in a ristre, which the Calzada Understood perfectly the cerle address to her and fled ... although she returned on three occasions in 2 hours that I endured, to see if the nest was saved or not ... I did not see her again .

And on one occasion, in 2016, between the "visits" there was a stork to which the female crooked aggressively, jumped to meet him in the air and expelled from the vicinity of the nest ... (I do not doubt That as well as communicating they are reconvened and must remember ...). 2 in the vicinity have appeared this 2017 three nests nonexistent ... relatives?,?, The 3 children Of 2015?

3 - This is a very veteran couple ... I have followed them further afield at the beginning and since 2006, and as close as I could since 2014. From 2006 to 2017 they are 11 years old!

If you have had 2 to 4 chickens every year, calculate how many Children and couples and others can have. !!!!! And the unfortunate accident of fire and death of 3 cigüeñatos of the 4 habidos, days of flying the 16 of June 2014 must have made them "famous" among theirs. So that the Festival with 20 cigues or more or less in the sky and congratulating them, resounding the crotoreo, is not a chimera. And it's a pleasure to watch it, I assure you

And we come to the scenes.

The male, just arrived with a couple of visitors.

The female is on the right in almost all images ...

And the CROTOREO ...

... she bends down, as in a bowing ...

... and he follows her ...

... and he raises his head to heaven with Her crunching ...

. and now it is her, while he crouches ...

... the two seem to squirm in Ecstasy ...

And the couple's euphoria follows.

The female begins to contort herself ...

... Leaning forward and raising her head and beak to the sky, sequentially ...

... and now begins to To get settled or hollowed out ...

And thus almost 6 minutes have elapsed ...

Visitors start to leave.

The nest.

I hope you have been interested my observations.

And as soon as you see clearly

I will let you know the small ones.

And all the news that may be presented

, And waiting for O_TRAS LOOKED ...

who turn 40 on May, do not forget,

I wish you all the best

what is needed


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