LeBron and Cavs take the NY subway ahead of Knicks game

LeBron and Cavs take the NY subway ahead of Knicks game

The NBA's twitter account posted another video of the team - decked out in Cavs sweats - heading down into Penn Station to catch their train.

NY got the best of Cleveland earlier this season, demolishing LeBron James and company by a score of 114-95 at Quicken Loans Arena.

Still, it's startling to see a LeBron James-led team being projected to miss the playoffs after seven straight Finals appearances.

"Can you not", the fan said before moving his seat. LeBron panned the camera next to a random guy sitting next to him who did not want to be any part of the NBA All-Star's video.

Other riders waved to LeBron as the train continued to move along.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar angered a New York City subway rider Monday during the National Basketball Association team's unlikely underground journey.

I don't know about you, but if I was sitting next to LeBron, J.R. and the rest of the Cavs, it would be a pretty great day. "As long as I'm getting on the right (expletive) train that's all I care about", he said.

"Trying to be like real citizens man", Smith said to the camera.

LeBron James narrated most of the video, confirming it was his first time taking the subway in NY and second time overall.

As New York attempts to improve to 8-5, however, one of the tallest tasks to date is standing in front of it: A motivated Cleveland Cavaliers team.



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