3d plants d2 tree model


Plants collection, set of 34 models

List: D2.C1.01 Acacia D2.C1.02 American Elm-American elm D2.C1.03 Palm macet-Flowerpot Indoor Plant D2.C1.04 Fuchsia Shrub- Shrub D2.C1.05 Dead tree, Dry Tree D2.C1.06 Generic Bush, Generic Bush D2.C1.07 (1) Clove bush (I Shape) -Arbust Clove (I Form) D2.C1.07 2) Corner Clove bush (L Shape) -Arbust Corner nail (L shape) D2.C1.08 Bald Cypress-Bald cypress D2.C1.09 Bamboo-Bamboo D2.C1.10 Bonsai ****** D2 .C1.11 Bougainvillea-Bugambilia D2.C1.12 Ornamental Cactus-Cactus Ornament D2.C1.13 Cypress-Cypress D2.C1.14 Climber-Creeper
D2.C1.15 Young Eucalyptus-Eucalyptus Young *** D2.C1.16 Ficus *** D2.C1.17 Vinca Periwinkle *** D2.C1.18 Tulipa-Tulips *** D2.C1.19 Gerbera D2.C1.20 Jacaranda *** D2.C1.21 White poplar-Alamo White *** D2.C1.22 Neomarica Palm D2.C1.23 White palm-Palm White
D2.C1.24 Yatay Palm, Tatay Palm Tree D2.C1.25 (1) Chilean Coconut, Coconut Chilean D2.C1.25 (2) Manila Palm-Palma de Manila D2.C1.26 Lemongrass-P Astatine Limon D2.C1.27 Spanish Abies-Spruce Spanish D2.C1.28 Lemon Cedar-Cedar Limon D2.C1.29 Pirul D2.C1.30 (20) Oak Roburs-Robles Collection D2.C1.31 Clover-Treboles D2 .C1.32 (20) Maple Tree-Maple D2.C1.33 Magnolia D2.C1.34 (2) Lemon Tree-Limonero

FILE DETAILS Available Formats :. Max and.obj (on.zip Folder) * Cont.
-.max: ready to merge on scene -.obj :( 2 by model, with different topology) Topology: -.max: Low Poly model with turbosmooth to render -.obj: Very Low poly model (to optimize scene) and High poly model (for a nice and smooth topology) Scale: Realistic; Ratio 1 max unit = 10cm (Metric system)

Notes: Sample Image rendered with VRAY

Nice Modeled Trees with very few polygons and designed for subdivition algorithms.


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