Nintendo Switch is finally getting video apps, starting with Hulu

Doom Switch

With the recent success of the Switch, Hulu and Nintendo are looking to capitalize by bringing the USA only streaming service to the new console.

The news was initially revealed in Nintendo's weekly email, much to the confusion of fans who weren't expecting the streaming service to be a part of this week's update. Where it gets hard, is that Hulu itself requires a US-registered IP address and subscription to actually make use of. With the Switch being a portable HD screen, streaming services would definitely be a welcome addition. Today, Nintendo made the announcement that Hulu would be the first major player in the field to bring its content to the Switch. For console history buffs out there, the Switch's predecessor, the Wii U, was available with YouTube, Hulu and Netflix streaming apps. With Hulu following Japan's NicoNico service, this could all be about to change as the console begins to expand its ecosystem to include other on-demand services. "You'll be able to enjoy both our traditional on-demand subscription as well as our Hulu with Live TV plan and watch live and on-demand programming from more than 50 of the top news, sports and entertainment channels including all five of the major USA broadcast networks, ESPN, Fox Sports, CNN, FX, Bravo, TNT, A&E and more". This streaming service is still a great option for Switch users, however, with Hulu's entire streaming library and the option to add Live TV available for those using the app.

Perhaps we'll see the arrival of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in the coming months, followed by more on-demand apps? In our view, these are not differentiators. That's a big sign that Nintendo is on board with Mature-rated Switch games, delay be damned. We will put in the investment and develop for the platform.

In terms of getting games on the console first, Nintendo has done an excellent job of getting that done in the Switch's first year.



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