Obama Reports to Jury Duty in Chicago, Not Called to Serve

Former President Obama Reports For Jury Duty

The 44th president of the United States Barack Obama answered a jury summons and arrived at the Chicago courthouse with stringent security and a motorcade.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told county commissioners that Obama has been summoned for jury duty in IL, according to WLS. The former President arrived at Chicago's Daley Center alongside his Secret Service detail shortly thereafter.

Other presidents like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were called for the duty in 2015 and 2003 but were not picked. He signed autographs and allowed videos and pictures to be taken, but, in keeping with his long-held policy, permitted no selfies.

On Wednesday, Obama did get the prospective juror experience of sitting through a decades-old, 20-minute video in which Lester Holt- now the anchor of NBC Nightly News but back then on local news -explained the ins-and-outs of jury duty.

Obama is in line to be paid the same $17.20 a day that others receive for reporting for jury duty.

"There is a civilian responsibility for justice to take place and that's what jury service is all about". But Obama was ready to serve if told to do so, Evans said.

Evans also said that he brought letters from Cook County's juvenile detention center for Obama, some of which asked him to come visit - an idea that Obama committed to, according to Evans.

While the Obamas now live in Washington, the former president and first lady Michelle Obama maintain a home in Chicago, the city where he got his political start.



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