Kidnapping charges pending in crash involving five naked people

Royal Canadian Mounted Police responding to a car crash in a town south of Edmonton Alberta Monday Nov. 6 2017 arrived to find five naked people in the car

While the event was initially described as "bizarre", authorities have learned more about the incident: a man, a woman, and six-week-old baby were "forced into a vehicle against their will" from their home.

The crash occurred Monday morning on a two-lane road near Nisku, a few miles south of the Edmonton beltway.

RCMP arrived on scene and arrested five people from the suspect vehicle, all of whom were naked. The man was put in the trunk of the vehicle. RCMP adds that the investigation is in its infancy, but that they believe drugs and/or alcohol were factors in the incident.

CBC reported that the passerby managed to get all three kidnapping victims into his truck and was driving them away when he was rammed by the suspects, which forced his truck into a ditch. The suspect auto rammed into the back of the truck and ended up in the ditch near an industrial park on Township Road 510.

On Monday, RCMP said the five who were arrested were naked, but have not explained why.

At the scene, officers arrested three adults and two "youths".

She did not know whether they were naked at the time of the kidnapping, or whether they removed their clothes after.

Of the five subjects arrested, three adults remain in police custody pending judicial interim releases with pending charges for kidnapping and resisting arrest.

The Edmonton Journal reports that the temperature at 9 a.m. Monday at nearby Edmonton International Airport was 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind chill of 0.



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