Massive Kidde fire extinguisher recall: Is your model safe to use?

Source U.S. CPSC

One death has been reported in connection with the faulty fire extinguishers, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports. The company issued a recall of millions of extinguishers as they may not work in an emergency.

If you own a Kidde fire extinguisher, there's a good chance it's being recalled.

The recall covers 134 models of push-button and plastic-handle extinguishers in the U.S. and Canada made from 1973 through to 15 August of this year. The nozzle can also detach with enough force to pose an injury.

The recalled extinguishers were sold at The Home Depot, Sears, Menards, Montgomery Ward, Amazon, and other hardware stores and websites nationwide. Some commercial trucks, RVs and boats came with the fire extinguishers also.

The CPSC says there have been approximately 391 reports of failed or limited activation or nozzle detachment that resulted in approximately 16 injures, 91 reports of property damage, and 1 fatality. It also includes eight push-button models manufactured between 1995 and September 22, 2017. No injuries had resulted from those malfunctions at the time of the recalls. No proof of purchase is required, however, a model number, year of manufacture, and the unit's date code and serial number must be provided.

Kidde, based in Mebane, NC, is offering replacements, not refunds.

Following the recall, Kidde released a statement saying, "customer safety is our first priority". It included models previously recalled in 2009 and 2015. A 22-year-old Pennsylvania man named Brendan Rosko died in 2014 as a result of two Kidde fire extinguishers failing in the victim's 2014 vehicle crash, according to ABC News.



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