Reality star falls through stage in brutal awards show gaffe

Gemma Collins radio 1

Gemma Collins has opened up about her incredibly eventful day at the Radio 1 Teen Awards when she fell through a trap door on stage.

The Towie star was announcing Love Island as the victor of the best TV show prize when a hole opened up beside her to bring the winners up.

While speaking about the hilarious (sorry, Gemma) incident, the TOWIE star also seemed to hint that she might be taking legal action. Her legs are gonna be crushed!' because the platform underneath was raising up and my legs were dangling over the end of it so thank you to the two Love Island guys. Yes, I stacked it on stage.

But things took a turn for the worse, as Gemma didn't realise that the islanders would be appearing on stage from a rising hole in the ground - and fell right into it in front of the nation.

"Madonna done it and I done it", she said.

"But I lived to tell tale, I got back up and went on to present with Grimmy and Rita".

"It was my left side that hit as I went down; as you know I've got a bit of a booty and thank god for that because it has protected me".

"I have a bruised left bum cheek but apart from that I'm rocking and rolling".

She later assured fans she was fine, sending a good-humoured tweet comparing herself to both the Queen of Pop - who had a similar experience in 2015 Brit Awards - and clumsy but lovable Bridget Jones.

Gemma said it was one of the best and worst moments of her life considering it had been a major dream of hers to be on stage at Wembley Stadium, but insists she styled it out well. It was one of those moments I don't think I am every going to live down'.

However, Gemma being Gemma then joked that the incident might give her leverage to get on Strictly Come Dancing in 2018. "When I tell you I'm Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it's finally confirmed".



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