Google steps up personal security game in Chrome, Google Home

Google has just announced two new security features for Google Chrome. Advanced Protection prevents this by automatically limiting full access to your Gmail and Drive to specific apps. Google said the toolkit is designed for users who are willing to neglect convenience to obtain greater security.

Google is offering stronger protection to exposed groups of internet users such as business leaders, political campaign workers, and journalists for the company's online services.

This is something which is likely to be off-putting to the average user, meaning that the Advanced Protection Program is most likely to be used by Google's target audience: the "overlooked minority of our users that are at particularly high risk of targeted online attacks".

US intelligence agencies have concluded that those hacks, which included a breach of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta's personal Gmail account, were carried out by Russian Federation as part of a broader cyber campaign to help President Donald Trump, a Republican, win the White House. The feature will aid them in protecting themselves against accidental sharing, phishing, and fraudulent access to their accounts.

The advanced protection features include an option to require a physical USB security key to connect to a desktop computer before each log-in as a way to verify a user's identity. Sometimes even the most careful and security-minded users are successfully attacked through phishing scams, especially if those phishing scams were individually targeted at the user in question.

The new Security Checkup will keep evolving as new threats arise-you can count on it to provide you with relevant, up-to-date security advice that you can use to keep your account safe.

The giant search engine has introduced a set of its "strongest defense" features, created to protect the Google accounts of users most vulnerable to hacking attacks, such as journalists, business leaders and political campaign teams. When a user goes to the checkup site, a big security status awaits them - a green check mark icon means you're good to go, and a yellow or red exclamation point icon means there's at least one issue for you to take care of. So, joining the program means you'll always have the strongest protections Google can provide. For now, these will only be Google apps, but we expect to expand these in the future.



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