Owners of 'Breaking Bad' house build fence to shield from pizza-throwers

Owners of 'Breaking Bad' house build fence to shield from pizza-throwers

The people who live there say they are exhausted of obnoxious fans parking in their driveway, and even throwing pizzas on their roof to re-enact a scene from the series.

Frank Sandoval, who runs Breaking Bad RV Tours, said he has become nearly a private police force for the home and regularly shoos people from the property. It's an incredibly obnoxious situation, and the owners have said they don't want to put up the fence, at this point it doesn't seem like they have any other choice. And now, four years after the series went off the air, a lot of fans are still obsessed with Breaking Bad - perhaps too obsessed. Out of frustration, he then throws the entire pizza - a very large pizza - onto the roof of his house.

So much so that the owners of the house are being forced to build a six-foot iron fence around the property to stop people from throwing their dinner up there.

The Twitter masses had differing views on the family's decision to fence off the house.

Why would anyone waste a perfectly good pizza just to say they wasted a perfectly good pizza. "We're the ones who [are] being locked up".

The pizza-tossing had gotten so bad that the show's creator, Vince Gilligan, urged fans to knock it off more than two years ago. Eating a pizza you paid for.

"There is nothing original, or amusing, or cool about throwing a pizza on this lady's roof".

Joanne Quintana, the daughter of the New Mexico couple, told KOB4 people have already attempted to climb around the construction to get a picture in front of the house. "You're not the first".



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