Trump boasts of a higher IQ than Tillerson

Haley 'Tillerson is not going anywhere'

Tillerson and Defense Secretary James "Mad Dog" Mattis are scheduled to have lunch with the president on Tuesday.

Also around this time, Trump made a politicized speech to the Boy Scouts of America, which Tillerson once led.

Several other news outlets subsequently confirmed the NBC News report, including The Washington Post and CNN.

After the reports Trump took to Twitter to publicly upbraid the former ExxonMobil CEO for "wasting his time" trying to negotiate with North Korea.

"And I can tell you who is going to win".

Both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence were reportedly furious about the report. But on multiple occasions, Trump and Tillerson haven't been on the same page.

Asked about the tweets, Senate homeland security committee Chairman Ron Johnson said on "State of the Union" that Trump was right, in a sense.

Reports have swirled of a schism in the Trump administration between the commander-in-chief and his top diplomat, as the United States faces a host of vexatious foreign policy conundrums, from North Korea to Iran.

In the Forbes interview, conducted Friday, Trump responded to criticism that he's undermined his secretary of state through his often provocative tweets that have interfered with ongoing diplomatic efforts.

Kelly skipped a planned trip with the president to Las Vegas, ostensibly to huddle with other top administration officials on how to control the Tillerson fallout.

We still have more than three years with President Trump at the helm, and sadly the question is no longer whether or not our commander-in-chief is a moron; it's how much damage will he do before he's out of office.

Just to make it clear that he's smarter than his secretary of state, Trump suggested taking a test to prove it.

Trump also said he would be acting on health care soon, saying: "I will be using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people - FAST".

The comment underscores the volatility between the two men after multiple reports that their relationship has frayed over the secretary of state's comment.

In Las Vegas, where he flew Wednesday to honor victims of the worst mass shooting in US history, Trump said of Tillerson's remarks at the presser: "I'm very honored by his comments".



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