Repeal 'ancient and outdated' Second Amendment says Michael Moore

Repeal 'ancient and outdated' Second Amendment says Michael Moore

Then, they push forward with ads to combat the inevitable calls from progressive politicians for stronger gun control legislation - threatening their members and other gun owners with notions of legislation that will ban all guns nationwide, and leaving them and their families defenseless against lawless gun toters.

As is the case with most of the mass shootings that have shocked Americans in recent decades, none of these measures would have prevented the slaughter in Las Vegas.

How many people could Stephen Paddock have murdered from his Las Vegas hotel room if he had not had a stack of modified semi-automatic rifles at his disposal? In that sense, the NRA makes for a fitting bedfellow.

From a law-and-order standpoint, more guns means more murder.

From a personal-safety standpoint, more guns means less safety.

How can we pride ourselves on being the "land of the free" when we can't even freely attend a concert, or a night club, or even go to school without the fear of someone walking into these public spaces with assault weapons in tow.

The interpretation of the Second Amendment is still a subject of controversy and is contingent on the meaning of commas.

Nothing could possibly stop all gun crimes. The answer is simple, There are now more than 300,000 weapons in the hands of private citizens.

They are just beside themselves about guns. Use existing registration laws to round up the guns that are already legally owned. However, no one can rationally equate the protection the 2nd Amendment provides for personal safety, with the irrational "right" to own semi-automatic rifles that can be converted into military-style assault weapons created to mow down hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. They want to have a society where only government has guns, like they do in Russian Federation and China and North Korea. Gun ownership should never be outlawed, just as it isn't outlawed in Britain or Australia.

And, of course, the debate over gun control will be reignited -with passion and furor.

If pressed for honesty, most liberals would admit that's exactly the kind of country they would like to live in.

That organization is the National Rifle Association, more commonly referred to as the NRA. We are paralyzed. We will do nothing, even though the majority of Americans support smarter gun control measures.

The power of capitalism over common sense and over democracy. Now he's proposing to repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with a 28th Amendment that would severely restrict the ability to buy and own guns in America and prioritize public safety from gun violence over the right to own and fire a gun.

So this time, instead of rehearsing the same exhausted arguments about ideas that wouldn't change anything, perhaps the left can tell us what they really want and let the country have an honest debate.

The Second Amendment was written at a time when it was needed to survive.

Moore isn't alone in his call to repeal the Second Amendment.

When asked to comment on the amount of guns the alleged shooter had, Reed said that there was already an extensive background check system in place and that he did not want responsible citizens to lose their right to bear arms. We must devote more police resources to protecting women abused by men, and ensure that those men are unable to obtain firearms.

Some conservatives will insist that the Second Amendment is fundamental to the structure of American liberty. However, U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton from MA, soon after the tragic shooting, made a decision to take a stand against gun violence by boycotting the congressional moment of silence for the victims. Until the left directly addresses their desire to change the Constitution and end gun rights altogether, their rhetoric about gun violence should be ignored.



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