Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK now available [DOWNLOAD LINK]

(Download) Google Play Store App gets a new update with bug fixes (APK)

The Google Assistant app is NAB's latest foray into AI-powered interfaces.

This means that Google has stopped selling the LG Watch Sport and the LG Watch Style. If Google was planning to scale back its Android Wear ambitions, simply removing it from its store without comment would be pretty freaky. It may turn out that the hardware on the watches may not be enough to run future versions of Android Wear and hence Google does not want people purchasing it. Either Google has abandoned the category completely to focus on popular products, or the company somehow just missed updating the page. "The feedback you provide on the beta will help us identify and fix issues, and make the platforms even better", Google said earlier this week. The app works like a shortcut to launch the Google Assitant and is compatible only with devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above (Sorry Lolipop users). The Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK arrives with minor updates from Google Play Store 8.2.58 version.

Since Google has just rolled out this new version, nothing major has popped up so far.

Well, it hasn't been much since we have gotten our hands on the new update, and we haven't yet spotted any significant difference yet, the app, however, seems to be a lot smoother to use which happens in the case of every update and can also be reciprocated as the placebo effect. The report also indicates that the sales of Android Wear would not be so bad that Google had to shun the devices overnight.

The more likely explanation at this stage is that Google is looking to emphasise the "Made By Google" moniker, and, since it hasn't actually outright "made" a smartwatch, the LG pairing don't fit with the rest of the Store's line.



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