Clues few and elusive for motive of Las Vegas gunman

After a gunman fired from windows in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas guitarist Caleb Keeter who was on stage Sunday is calling for gun control

Police reported that in 3 different locations, including hotel room of paddock, 47 weapons were seized from attacker's search.

"There are reports her ID was used for booking the hotel or some such detail", Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said.

Marilou Danley flew out of Manila's worldwide airport on Tuesday night for Los Angeles, immigration bureau spokeswoman Maria Antoinette Mangrobang told AFP. Local and federal law enforcement officials spent hours interviewing Danley, who insisted Wednesday through her attorney that she had no prior knowledge of the impending attacks.

"There are a lot of different steps we could take", she contended.

"We are continuing the investigation into that female", Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, chief of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, said on Monday.

She then moved to the United States and was married to American Geary Danley, whom she divorced in 2015.

While she was there, Paddock shot dead 58 people at a country music festival and injured hundreds more when he fired upon a crowd from a hotel window in the Nevada city.

One of Danley's sisters, who asked not to be named, told a CNN affiliate in Australia that Danley did not know where she was going when Paddock, 64, told her to leave the country.

The girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, 64, has returned to the United States after traveling overseas. The fed's now say she's a person of interest.

In her statement, lawyer Matt Lombard said Danley thought of the murderer as a "kind, caring, quiet man". "Because Steve is not here to talk anymore, only Marilou can maybe help", the Danley's sister added. "He sent her away, so that he can plan what he's planning without interruptions", one sister said.

Marilou Danley has released a statement following boyfriend Stephen Paddock's Las Vegas massacre.

Investigators believe Danley can answer many lingering questions about Paddock's motive, and how he was able to stockpile so many weapons.

Stephen Paddock, a reputed heavy gambler, allegedly wired almost $100,000 to the Philippines prior to the shooting in which he took his own life.



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