FBI Investigates Extortion Plot Against Kevin Hart

FBI Investigates Extortion Plot Against Kevin Hart

Her plans were to expose Hart's infidelity and to profit from the situation. This person was demanding millions of dollars from Hart in order to keep the videos private.

As you surely know, Kevin Hart is now at the center of a Federal Bureau of Investigation extortion case following a blackmail attempt by one unnamed person. That "anonymous person" is assumed to be the woman, herself-although, it is not confirmed.

'Kevin Hart was privy to me wanting to expose him as I have made countless attempts to expose this information to various blogs, in an attempt to also get paid, ' it reads.

Eniko Parrish has been radio silent on social media after her husband, comedian and actor Kevin Hart, posted a shocking video Sunday. "And because of that I should make smart decisions".

FBI Investigates Extortion Plot Against Kevin Hart
FBI Investigates Extortion Plot Against Kevin Hart

He continued, "I made a bad error in judgement and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did". "I'd rather 'fess up to my mistakes". At first you don't see Hart in the video but after time goes by he is later seen walking naked from the bed. Back in July, Hart was seen outside of his Miami Beach Hotel, sitting in a parked vehicle with a woman around five in the morning.

He chose the cheaper route by going public himself. When she was asked later on if she's spoken to Hart yet about all that's gone on in the past 24 hours and whether any of the speculations of his infidelity being a recurring issue is factual or not, Parrish chose to stay tight-lipped. His ex-wife Torrei Hart also claimed that Kevin was cheating on her with Eniko while she and Kevin were still married. "I'm basically immune to it now".

Reports of cheating have dogged Hart for months. I didn't really understand the definition of marriage. That was never the case and people ran with it.

Kevin her dog after the scandal broke, but she has yet to say anything about allegations. We're not sure what changed from then to now, but, obviously, quite a bit did. If she is convicted, she can expect to lose her money, time or both. A representative for Hart told the site: "Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt".



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