Rebutia, Aylostera and Weingartia: Weingartia arenacea (Cárdenas) Brandt Kakt. Orchid. Rundschau 1979 (5): 69, 1979

Weingartia arenacea (Cárdenas) Brandt Kakt. Orchid. Rundschau 1979 (5): 69, 1979 Basionym: Rebutia arenacea - Cact. Succ. J. (U.S.) 23 (3): 94. 1951 Synonym: Sulcorebutia arenacea (Cardenas) Ritter, Nat. Succ. J. 16 (4): 79-81, 1961 Synonym: Rebutia steinbachii Werderm. 1931 subsp. arenacea 1951 var. arenacea

Rebutia arenacea Weingartia arenacea The Latin name arenacea indicates to us that the cactus seems to be Sprinkled with sand by the effect of its spine.

It is located between Sta. Rosa and Tiquirpaya, province of Ayopaya, department of Cochabamba (Bolivia), where it grows to 1800 meters above sea level on slopes on both banks of the Sta. Rosa river in pure gravel. As it grows in a deep ravine, the temperature is higher than in other sul- chinbutias growing at a greater height.

This taxon is very variable in the color of the epidermis and thorns - the epidermis varies from yellowish green, greyish green to different shades of brown, but most of the plants are dark. The color of thorns varies from pure white, sand to brown. The length of the spines varies from 2 - 5 mm. The plants with the thickest spines are intermediate with S. caineana. The most frequent is that of straight spines, curved or entangled are less common. While most plants in the Cárdenas collection have short spines stuck to the body, there are clusters of long, intertwined clusters of Rausch and Swoboda that completely cover the body of the plant. Among the cultivated plants there are very common forms without the erect spine in the upper part of the areola.
It is related S. glomeriseta and also with S. candiae, S. menesesii and S. muschii to which many authors consider them varieties Of S. arenacea. Horáček also links it with S. caineana and S. haseltonii and even with those of also yellow flower S. cardenasiana and S. langeri.

Cárdenas, M. (1951): New Bolivian Cacti II Rebutia arenacea sp . nov. - The Cactus and Succulent Journal (US) 23 (3): 94-95

Most common collector numbers

Martín Cárdenas: Card.4393 - Usually Cárd.4400 - (number of collector type) Prov. Ayopaya, near Tiquirpaya, about 10 km direction Santa Rosa at 2200m above sea level. Heinz Swoboda: HS030 Santa Rosa, 3 km to the town, to 1800. It is located in the center of the town, -1900m above sea level.

Walter Rausch: R460 Tiquirpaya.


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